Manipulators for Manual Handling of Materials (MHM) and the reduction of the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD)

FAMATEC weight balancers drastically reduce the risk of injuries caused by product handling during the processing and production phases. The operator can manually handle heavy, bulky, and hazardous products with minimal effort and sensitive, precise controls. The risk of work-related illnesses due to physical strain and the risk of exposure to accidents are diminished.

There are multiple systems that ensure safety in various potential critical situations:

  • Ineffective product grip: the manipulator remains inactive. This occurs when the grip system’s safety conditions do not reach the set minimum values and/or the grip sensors are not correctly activated.
  • Risk of finger pinching during gripping or releasing the product: both hands are needed to activate handling commands. The controls console is equipped with two spaced command buttons that the operator must press simultaneously in order to grip the products.
  • Drifting movements of the pneumatic arm in the resting position: the manipulator is equipped with parking brakes. These parking brakes are disc shaped and self-centering caliper types, located on the column rotation axis, intermediate and grip system rotation axis, and are active even in the absence of air pressure. They are operated directly from the console.
  • Sudden lack of air pressure or insufficient pressure: the mechanical arm is automatically and slowly lowered to the lowest point before releasing the product.

To mitigate the effects of this event, FAMATEC balancers are equipped with:

  • A certified tank that ensures a regular airflow in case of discontinuous supply and, in the event of a sudden lack of supply, allows the completion of the work cycle.
  • A check valve positioned upstream of the tank.
  • A FAMATEC safety valve that prevents sudden movements of the pneumatic arm, both downwards and upwards.
  • A pneumatic system designed for safety management that allows to execute the proper sequence of actions in case of air cut-off, the last step being product release.
  • Erroneous activation of the release command during handling: The product is automatically and slowly lowered to the lowest point. The pneumatic logic intercepts the operator’s incorrect intent, and before releasing the product, commands it to lower at a controlled speed. The console has double release buttons that must be pressed simultaneously to prevent unintentional commands by the operator.

FAMATEC weight balancers improve the well-being of the operators, making handling operations suitable for all personnel, regardless of physical potential, gender, or seniority. They enhance productivity, which remains consistent throughout the entire workday. They also improve production quality as the risks of product damage during handling or damage to production equipment are nearly eliminated.


FAMATEC zero weight balancers can be customized based on the specific production environment, operational needs, and products to be handled.

The modularity of Famatec’s mechanical arms, gripping systems, and application systems allows for the creation of tailored solutions in a wide range of configurations and customizations. This allows us to provide you with tested technological products that meet the exact specific requirements of your products or handling operation.

The gripping systems are designed to be easily adjustable or modifiable in case of future modifications that might arise due to the addition of new products to be handled or a different production context.



The details reveal our true professional spirit. Our design blends technology, strength, efficiency, and execution quality.

Our brand-new products feature mechanical arms with high torsional rigidity while maintaining reduced movement inertia. They can achieve handling capacities exceeding 800 kg with up to 6-meter action radiuses or up to 1,600 kg with a 3-meter radius.
Famatec’s customized industrial manipulators are assembled using laser-cut, shaped, and interlocked steel sheets.

Each of our zero weight manipulator is the result of precision assembly, with sections and shapes tailored to withstand the forces they are exposed to, allowing to achieve the highest optimization of weight/capacity ratios.




The ergonomic command console is harmonious, intuitive, and pleasant to use.
It’s designed after careful studies and analysis of operational ergonomics, ensuring it doesn’t interfere with the operator and/or products during handling.
The operational and control commands of the weight balancer are low-effort, intuitively positioned, and easy to activate.
To meet various ergonomic needs, the following options are available:

  • Pneumatic Sliding Console: The operator controls the position of the pneumatic arm according to their operational need.
  • Console with Synchronized Tilting: the console syncs with the tilting movement of the mechanical arm, keeping the operator close to or away from the product based on tilt positions. Used mostly when 90° tilting is required.
  • Sensitive handlebar: thanks to the innovative Famatec balance system, there’s no need to manually choose the load to be handled. Instead, the system responds automatically to movements transmitted by the operator’s hand to the extended vertical handle.
  • Dual Control Console: Positioned at two different heights or locations, complete with their respective operational commands.
  • Traditional Handlebar: Made up of large controls, protected by a steel hood, and positioned at different heights to cater to specific ergonomic needs.


Each FAMATEC weight balancer caters to the requirements of Lean manufacturing.
The use of FAMATEC pneumatic manipulators allows to optimize human resource efficiency, productivity, and fully embodies the Lean Production philosophy. This allows manufacturing companies to enhance their production processes, bringing significant benefits such as:

  • Reduction of operators’ physical effort;
  • Greater production efficiency;
  • Decreased risks of damage to the products being handled;
  • Streamlining of material flow and reduction of movements;
  • More rational use of the workspace.



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