Famatec App

New opportunities.

FAMATEC APP is the innovative response to the fast-paced changes of recent times. It’s an innovative exclusive gripping system which makes use of FAMATEC. profiles and accessories. Modular, interlocking and easy to assemble, FAMATEC APP is easily modifiable and reconfigurable in the future, allowing handling of different products than the original ones. All without needing a new certification for the manipulator. FAMATEC APP represents a completely renewed approach that allows the customer to reimagine the equipment already purchased, upgrading its functionalities. An upgrade that translates in an economical benefit for the customer. A new vision of work and production that allows optimisation of the investment.

Do not change the manipulator. Upgrade it.

The new structure – The gripping system, built with a patented technique called FAMATEC APP, is made of a kit of interlocking modular accessories which can be simply and precisely assembled: pillars, crossbars and links, rotational axis, sliding systems are configurable in a flexible and compatible way. Using several accessories allows the gripping system to be customized based on the products to be handled and obstructions in the working area of the manipulator.

The supporting structure is easily adjustable and modifiable in the future, in case different products need to be handled, different than the ones that the manipulator had originally been designed for, without needing a new certification. Different accessories are available for different functions, compatible with the size of the profile that’s being used and they can be easily and precisely assembled. The components of the structure FAMATEC APP are made of electro-galvanized steel, they’re tested, they have a certified durability and they’re resistant to heavy loads.

Advantages of Famatec App :

> Modular
> Flexible
> Innovative
> Tooling already certified
> Less expensive
> Longer warranty time and assistance
> Tested project with patent pending
> Easy to assemble
> Lower lead times between the modification request and the execution
> Lower general engineering lead times

It’s APP to you:

> Available for both FAMATEC customers and non-customers
> Available for industry machine and tooling manufacturers
> Distributors of industry equipment


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